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we recorded the 1st part of our ENG for out final studio shoot, we interviewed Aine Wall to find out about the person hidden behind the tattoo’s, the interview went off with out a hitch, Aine was very professional an gave good informative questions , an provided us with alot of good quailty footage, next part of our ENG we will be visiting a Tattoo studio in Edenmore

As another decade comes to a close. I decided i would share what i feel are the best movies of the decade, not everyone will agree thats fine we all have different and unique tastes..

20-  Harry Brown

19- Wall-E

18- Cop Out

17- Lord Of The Rings trilogy

16- Gladiator

15- Zodiac

14- Pierre’s Bounty

13- Batman: Dark Knight

12- Sin City

11- Saw

10- Million Dollar Baby

9- Cinderella Man

8- The Pursuit of Happiness

7- Invictus

6- We Were Soldiers

5- Inglorious Bastards

4- Shutter Island

3- No Country For Old Men

2- The Blind Side

1- The Departed

If you have any opinion on the matter feel free to post 🙂

We were given an assignment to record a news ENG about  a Kidnapping which we had to shoot and edit over a period of 2 classes. unfortunately i missed the day on which the footage was shot so i made sure i was there for the editing process. The footage that was gathered was very good, and it made it far easier to edit

The piece was just under 90sec it was about the son of Paddy Power getting kidnapped i was happy witgh the final piece 🙂

Last friday we recorded a Xmas song in Sound Production the song we recorded was a adaptation of the song ‘ It Feels Like Christmas’ from the movie ‘A Muppets Christmas Carol’. the song we recorded was required to be longer than 3 min so we added in an extra verse and we also changed the music to give a Punk Rock feel to the song. we wanted song thing different a not just another xmas song. 

On the recording day we set out to do a serious version of the song and it was sounding good and as a joke we start sing like ‘The Muppets’ and turns out it also sounded good so we decided to record our selves singing like various character. We are going to take a light hearted veiw and focus on getting a good clean sound on the song

the big day is afoot our group is producing the light show for ‘eliza dolittle – pack up’ in the morning, the rehearsal went horribly , so now is the moment of truth, i think we will pull it together wen it matters, get the studio set up quickly an give us more time to rehearse, ill need a few run troughs as my role is cinematographer

We done it , the Lighting piece was a success it turned out well and we got alot of nice shots  that looked very well and they ran smoothly together, it took a few run throughs to get it right but in the end it all came together, the talent done a great job learning the song which added to the look of the song because they were miming it,

Some of my pictures of the docklands

Rehearsals on Thurs for our lighting show, Using the song Eliza Doolittle – Pack Up. Lots of preparations done cant wait to get down to business hopefully it runs smoothly 🙂

Brainstormed a ton of ideas for the theme of our major project think we’ve pretty much settled on tattoos and piercing,

Our 1st sound project is gonna be based around foley and i cant wait to get started on it. Be interesting recreating some sound from scratch. We recieved a section of video footage but with out any sound in it,

we recorded a ton of different sounds and bedded them in to try recreate a natural sound. i thought i was goin to be alot easier at 1st but it was difficult to get exact sounds within the time frame but we made few comprimises and we got a very good sound media piece by the end of it

heading to the docklands on tues to start the 1st photography assignment of the year 🙂